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What is Rip & Tear with Friends?

Rip & Tear with Friends is a 2D top down co-op shooter that has took form from Space Invader and has a lot of reference to the DOOM series. The unique mechanics for this game is that your health is your ammo! You need to use your own health to shoot heart-shaped bullets that can destroy enemy and replenish your teammates' health, and they can help you back later. 


  • AD & JL: horizontal movement

  • W & I: Shoot your enemies

  • S & K: Shoot your friend to help them

  • Left & Right Shift: Call for help

My Contribution:

  • The idea of the "health as ammo" mechanic

  • The scripting of enemy movement and its interaction with players

  • The scripting of health pack movement and its interaction with players

  • Picking music, SFXs, and VFXs related to healthpacks and enemies.

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