This project is one of the AGP Project of USC 2020 AGP.

This game is a 2D, single-player, mobile platformer game that is intended for iOS. KOA is a 2D platformer +

My role is the Lead Producer of a team of 18 members. 

My responsibilities include:

  •  Working with our director, planning the production schedule of the project.

  • Managing a team of 18 covering 6 disciplines.

  • Creating macro & micro schedule and burn down chart to plan and monitor the pace of development.

Tools Used:​

Hacknplan, Excel, Google Sheet, Slack


  • We hit our First Playable 2 weeks before the deadline.

  • We hit all our milestone on time!

  • Our game was showcased in USC Games Expo 2020!

For further details, please contact me directly through

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