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What is Jail Breakers?

An unconventional stealth action games that implements co-op between two players. Moreover, the two players would each have a completely different gameplay experiences as it takes inspirations from Keep Talk and Nobody Explodes.

Recently, for the pitch of AGP 2018, me and Johan made an expansion of game design doc for the pitch. You can access our pitch by clicking at below button.

Game Overview

    Jail Breaker is an unconventional co-op stealth action game that Kevin co-created with Zhuohan Song in Spring 2018 at USC. 
The theme of Jail Breakers is about cooperation between friends and the communication between the two players would be the key to beat this game. The two players would each play the game differently: one plays as the infiltrator and the other one plays as the information supporter.

Title Screenshot.PNG

Critical Features

  • Intense co-op between two players to escape from a heavily-guarded prison

  • One player who play as the infiltrator experience a typical stealth-action game in first-person perspective

  • Another player who play as the intel support experience a puzzle-solving game

  • A dynamic minimawhile helping the infiltrator to get through locked doors and guards

Jail Breakers Concept_edited.png

My Roles 

As the Co-creator, Game Designer, and UI Designer, I

  • Designed the core mechanic of the game and gameplay mechanics with my partner.

  • Designed and implemented the UI and the in-game menu for the game.

  • Designed and implemented the in-game mini-map for the game.

matching making screen-shot.PNG
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