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What is Invisible Hunter?

An unconventional board game that takes inspiration from Alien vs. Predator and Dead by Daylight and implement asymmetrical competition and field of vision to create totally different play experiences for players of different sides



    Invisible Hunter is a student project that Kevin Yan co-created with James Brandauer in Fall 2017 at USC. It is a board game designed to played by 5 players. While 3 player work together as a team of survivors, and the other 2 player play as monsters who aim to destroy each other and the survivors

Game Overview


  • Three Survivors vs. one Monster vs. Another Monster!

  • Survivors work together to reach destination

  • Monsters prey on the Survivors and compete with each other

  • Survivors have their own board to play, Monsters have their own board to play

  • The screen put between the two boards prevent Survivors from seeing Monster's board 

Critical Features

Box Cover_edited_edited.png

  • I was the Lead Creator & Lead Designer

  • Defined a core gameplay experience for a 3-sided, unbalanced, competitive board game.

  • Polished the field of vision mechanics with an expanded list of actions for players.

  • Used Adobe Illustrator to create art asset for the game.

My Roles 

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