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What is Domain?

Domain is a game of tag on iOS platform. It is a location based, secret identity, 3v3 team based, game of tag. It take places we are familiar with, like USC campus, into digital playground where we can play with our friends 

Domain logo Final_edited_edited_edited_e

  Domain is one of the USC Advanced Game Projects in 2018, and the development started in Fall 2018. In Spring 2019, I joined the team as the producer to substitute the previous as she is leaving. 

  Through months of development, Hacker has gone through many design iterations and has finally finalized our core game play and player experience goal 

Game Overview


  • Turning a classical field game into video game, bringing the familiar play experience along with unique mechanics that are only available in digital space.

  • Merging the game of tag and secret identity to create a competitive game play experience. 

  • Futuristic and neon-style art style that correspond to our game's premise

Critical Features

Domain Team Pic

​As the Producer,  I have been​

  • Directing and planning the production schedule of the project.

  • Maintaining the Trello boards of the team

  • Communicating task assignments and track progress of these tasks.

My Roles 

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