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What is Combat - Remake?

An remake of the classic arcade: Combat, using Unity 3D. Combat - Remake aims to re-create the same graphic, sound effects and gameplay experience on an arcade machine on a PC platform with keyboards and mouse.

Game Overview


    Combat - Remake is a student project in which Kevin Yan co-operated with Everett Frank in Spring 2018 at USC. It is a remake of the classic arcade: Combat. The project does not intend to recreate Combat in the same scale as it was, but it contains the 3 most fundamental and unique levels from Combat.

In-game Screenshot of level 3

Critical Features

  • An original recreation of the 3 iconic level from Combat!

  • Re-created animations and sound effects to construct a gameplay experience as it is played on an arcade.

  • Remapped controls to ensure smooth play experience on PC.

Unity Editor Screenshot_edited.png

My Roles 

  • I was the Co- creator & Lead Programmer

  • Recreated this classical arcade game with Unity

  • Took the task of all the programming, scripting, and the adjustments for this project in Unity

  • Cooperated with my partner, Everett Frank, to combine the animation into the game

  • Researched and played the original Combat to have a grasp of the gameplay experience

Visual Studio Scripts Screenshot_edited_
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