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What is Top Down Casino Heist?

Top Down Casino Heist with Friends is a 2D top down single player shooter that has took inspiration from loot shooter games like Borderlands. The game offers a variety of weapons for players to use, though players need to acquire a new one every few seconds by interacting with the giant slot machine in the room. The stats of the weapon vary based on the result from the slot machine. 


  • WASD: movement

  • Space: playing slot machine

  • Arrow Keys: shoot in 4 different direction

My Contribution:

  • The idea of the "randomly generated weapons for players" mechanic

  • The scripting of all weapons' behaviors: Normal Bullet, Exploding Bullet, Piercing Bullet, Boomerang Bullet, Orbiting Bullet, and Light Sabers 

  • Picking SFXs and VFXs related to the weapons.

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